Один вид силы требует, чтобы сломать дверь, и совсем другой, чтобы терпеливо сидеть и ждать, пока дверь откроется. Причина, по которой терпение всегда считалось великой добродетелью, заключается в том, что дверь трансформации нельзя открыть силой.

Взаимодействие с другими людьми

Каждое путешествие через неизведанное - непростое . Если мы боимся темноты, путешествие покажется намного более длинным и опасным, чем оно есть на самом деле.

Если вы хотите добраться на поезде из Парижа в Венецию, вам придется пройти несколько длинных горных туннелей, прежде чем вы прибудете в пункт назначения. Внутри горы нет света, но вы бы не спрыгнули с поезда только потому, что за окном стемнело, не так ли?

Взаимодействие с другими людьми

Каждое путешествие, особенно путешествие через гору, требует от нас веры. «Если у тебя вера такая маленькая, как горчичное зерно, ты можешь сказать этой горе:« Двигайся отсюда туда », и она сдвинется. Для тебя не будет ничего невозможного» Матфея 17-20


The alchemical process requires authenticity, or it simply will not work. Trying to fake it, expecting to make it, would be like a caterpillar sewing leaves on its back thinking it can fly, only to hit the ground, and die, moments after take off. Trying to cheat death yields nothing, whereas, submitting to the process of metamorphosis achieves life after death.


The transformational doorway cannot be opened by any amount of force, which is why patience has always been a great virtue. Total surrender is required aud it is the only key which will unlock the door.


It takes one kind of strength to break down a door, and entirely another to submit to the process, and wait patiently for the door to open. Faith is necessary, because none of us can 'see' the door.

owl face in butterfly wings.jpg


Бабочки - живое доказательство того, что можно разорвать узы, удерживающие материю вместе, разобрать все строительные блоки «жизни», а затем собрать их в совершенно другом порядке. и все еще живы, чтобы рассказать сказку.

Насколько это невероятно?


« Истинный признак интеллекта - не знание, а воображение».

Альберт Эйнштейн




When a human egg is fertilised, a process of rapid multiplication begins. One cell divides into two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, and so on, and so forth. It is like an explosion that happens in slow motion, The end result of this remarkable explosion, is a living, breathing, sentient being. 


There is ample evidence of intelligent design within the structure of the human body. The precise arrangement and design of physical structures all lead to the conclusion that ‘life’ is the result of a highly advanced creative intellect, but in the outer world, there is no sign that such an intellect still exists. That is, until we look deeply into the mirror.

What use is there in denying that caterpillars are butterflies in waiting, when the process of metamorphosis can be freely observed? Of course the potential exists, and of course it can be realised. So, why are we so quick to deny that such a potential exists within us?

If I showed you to a door, and said, “if you walk through this door, you will die”, your natural inclination would be to turn and run away from the door. This is why caterpillars were not given a choice about wether to walk through the door, or not. If they refused, there would be no butterflies. If I showed you to the same door and said “If you walk through this door, you will die, but you will be reborn as a new creation” many will still turn and run away from the door.

Genuine alchemical transformation can only occur when one pattern is completely erased, and a new pattern installed. The process requires a change of frequency and not simply a change of ‘mind’.  Any ideology that promises life transforming potential, without suffering, is bound to fail, because death of the former self is an intrinsic aspect of the natural processes. Death is not optional, it is an absolute necessity. Once the process has begun, there is no turning back; so you may as well relax, and enjoy the ride.



One form of beauty comes from how things are arranged on the outside. Another kind of beauty comes from how things are arranged on the inside.

Before you faint from fear, consider this; If a crawling worm can be transformed into a flying butterfly, then how much greater must our potential for transformation be?


The butterfly can struggle to free itself from the hard shell, but if any external assistance is provided, the potential for life to exist collapses into nothing, and all is lost. 


If something as fragile as a butterfly can overcome death, and emerge out of the darkness, then surely, so can you.

«Первый глоток из стакана естествознания превратит вас в атеиста, но на дне стакана,

Бог ждет тебя »

Вернер Гейзенберг Квантовый физик